Our workshops are designed for hands-on experience and lots of opportunity for Q&A. We encourage small groups of up to 6 participants for workshops held in our farm kitchen.

For larger groups we arrange to hold the workshop at a commercial kitchen. In 3 to 4 hours we typically create three to four different types of cheese, visit the cheese cave, sample cheeses and visit the goats.

You will bring home the cheeses you make plus copies of the recipes. In addition to your questions, subjects that will be discussed at the workshops include:

☐ handling curds
☐ role of citric acid
☐ seasonings for soft cheeses
☐ milk to use for cheese making
☐ butterfat content in milk
☐ cultures
☐ pasteurization, ultra-pasteurization
☐ pressing cheeses
☐ cheesecloth
☐ role of rennet; types of rennet
☐ vinegars and lemon juice as coagulants
☐ various methods of expelling whey
☐ basic equipment & supplies
☐ cutting curds
☐ role of lipase
☐ what to do with the whey
☐ aging cheeses
☐ creating and maintaining a cave
☐ development of natural rinds
☐ proper milk storage
☐ adding herbs & being creative



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